For small gathering of friends how about a lovely Afternoon Tea package containing all that you will need for a sumptuous spread for 8 - 10 people. This pack comes with some simple instructions, like pre warming scones in the oven for a few minutes before serving for best results and other recommended serving suggestions etc. You will be the perfect host/hostess, all you need to do is open the box !

Please note ;  due to availability we can only take orders for any products on our site over the telephone. If you contact us via our 'Get in Touch'' or 'Let's Chat' buttons on the site telling us what you would like to order and leave your telephone number we will call you back within the hour to complete your purchase, or call now on  tel. 01666 505741  £5.00 delivery within 12 miles of Tetbury

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All of our smaller cakes and tarts can only be ordered as an 'extra' when you are already ordering one of our large cakes or Afternoon Tea Packs and they will be delivered to you at the same time.

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Shortbread Stack (9 pieces)
9 delicious melt in the mouth, buttery Scottish shortbread fingers with a special added ingredient for extra crunch. £5.00
Lemon & Blueberry Drizzle Loaf
This 2lb loaf is zesty but sugary sweet too, this classic is a crowd pleaser. £12.50
Flapjack Stack (8 pieces)
Nicola's flapjack is a favourite at Oak House No.1, totally satisfying. £7.50
8 Cheese Scones
These cheese scones are perfect with a little butter, but also with a little slice of your favourite cheese. £6.50
4 Mini Black Forest Gateaux
These mini Black Forest Gateaux Cakes are substantial in size, probably enough for two servings. (may contain cherry stones) £19.50
6 Jam & Coconut Madeleines
Little towers of light vanilla sponge covered in Bonne Maman Raspberry jam then smothered with desiccated coconut - delicious. £7.50
8 Rock Buns
Serve these rock buns warmed up fresh out of the oven. £7.50
8 Fruit Scones
Classic sultana scones, best served with Bonne Maman raspberry jam and clotted cream. £6.50
Rich Dark Fruit Cake (4 slices)
This dark fruit cake contains fruit soaked overnight in sherry giving it a rich deep flavour, topped with walnuts, glace cherries and almonds. £14.00
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Individual Fresh Fruit Tarts
You can choose from either fresh raspberries, fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries or a mix. These tarts are quite large, 3 inch in diameter. £5.50 each
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